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If only we could see the value of one soul like God does”

George Verwer

10 Holiday Tips For Dad

Admin —  August 6, 2014


Over at the Resurgence website they have 10 helpful tips for dad when it comes to holidays.

We like number nine,


This is not the kingdom of God. The curse is still in effect. The odds are some kid will get sunburned, or sick, or surly. Something will go wrong and not everything will go according to plan. Just because you are on vacation does not mean that life is any simpler or easier. Don’t freak out when your kid eats their sunscreen, pees in the pool, or throws their sibling’s favorite stuffed animal on the campfire. It’s gonna happen.

You can read all 10 here,


On July 27th we start a new series of Bible talks looking at chapters 10 to 14 of Acts.


27 Increase and spread – All that Jesus continued to do

Acts Ch 1:1-11


Increase and spread – Surely not, Lord!

Acts Ch 10:1-23

10 Increase and spread – Everyone who believes…

Acts Ch 10:23-48

17 Increase and spread – The same gift given twice

Acts Ch 11:1-18

24 Increase and spread – A great number believe

Acts Ch 11:19-30

31 Increase and spread – Official opposition

Acts Ch 12:1-25


On Saturday June 28th we are holding another local area clean up morning.

Why not join us at 9am for a bacon buttie followed by us “hitting the streets” at 9.30am till 11.30am hunting down the litter and rubbish that may have been dumped around our church building and nearby streets.


On June 15th we start a new series of Bible talks looking at chapters 16 to 18 of Luke’s gospel.

15 Summer Sizzler

Luke Ch 16:19-31

22 The kingdom life – Increase our faith

Luke Ch 17:1-10

29 The kingdom life – The thankful outsider

Luke Ch 17:11-19


The kingdom life – Expect the unexpected kingdom

Luke Ch 17:20-37

13 The kingdom life – Pray and do not give up

Luke Ch 18:1-8

20 The kingdom life – Looking down on others

Luke Ch 18:9-17